Urban Espresso

Urban Espresso


Taste Profile - Berry and Citrus | Milk Chocolate | Nougat
Origin – Brazil
Region – Mogiana, Minas Gerais
Altitude – 1000 MaSL
Varieties – Yellow Bourbon / Obata
Process – Natural
Bag Size - 250 gr / 1 kg

Urban Espresso is a blend from smallholders from Mogiana. Sitting in the south of the Minas Gerais region, Mogiana has a long history in coffee production. The region takes its name after a railway system that was built in 1872 to transport the high volumes of coffee being grown there.

The state of Minas Gerais is the same size as France and is the biggest coffee-producing state in all of Brazil which is also the largest coffee-producing country in the world.

The Urban espresso is filled with a subtle lime acidity balanced with tastes of milk chocolate and a nutty body, creating a clean taste that will leave you with a smooth mouthfeel.