Espresso Brewing Masterclass

Espresso Brewing Masterclass

This module allows you to develop coffee knowledge and practical skills to get you started in your barista career or become an at-home expert!

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  • How it works

    The Espresso Course provides comprehensive training on all aspects of brewing espresso, from theory to practical skills, ensuring mastery in crafting the perfect cup of coffee.

  • Course Structure

    Espresso Brewing course structure:

    - Espresso Theory: Learn about key components like water quality, temperature, pressure, and grind size.

    - Practical Training: Hands-on demo covering equipment use, shot prep, and troubleshooting.

    - Shot Assessment: Understand the importance of prep steps like wiping the portafilter.

    - Grind Size: Learn how grind size affects flavour and how to adjust it.

    - Coaching: Practice under guidance to improve your skills.

  • Additional Details

    All courses are held in person at:

    London Dock, 4B Gauging Sq, London E1W 2AA


    Courses need a minimum of 2 attendees to run.

    If the course has yet to reach maximum capacity, Urban Baristas reserve the right to change the booking date.

    With any unforeseen circumstances, Urban Baristas reserve the right to change the booking date or time. We will give you a minimum of 1 week's notice if the course needs to be rearranged.

    If you need to reschedule or cannot make your original booking date, we require 1 week's notice otherwise your booking fee may not be honoured.


Welcome to the Urban Baristas Espresso Brewing Masterclass! If you're a coffee enthusiast or a budding barista looking to elevate your coffee game, you've come to the right place.

In our Espresso Course, we'll cover the fundamentals of brewing a great cup of espresso. We'll start with the basics: understanding espresso, the importance of water quality, and how temperature and pressure affect the final brew.
Then, we'll explore recipes and ratios to ensure you're on the right track. With a quick theory session under our belts, we'll move to hands-on training. I'll guide you through the equipment and steps to pull the perfect shot, addressing common issues like grind size and tamping along the way. So, let's dive in and master the art of espresso brewing together!

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