Latte Art Masterclass

Latte Art Masterclass

This module allows you to develop coffee knowledge and practical skills to get you started in your barista career.

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  • How it works

    The Latte Art Masterclass covers both theory and practice, starting with a concise explanation of milk steaming principles. Students will learn about aeration and optimal steaming temperatures before diving into hands-on training. You will practice safe steaming procedures, perfect texturizing, stretching, and polishing techniques, and master pouring for symmetry and contrast in your latte art creations.

  • Course Structure

    Latte Art course structure:

    Theoretical Training:
    - Milk Theory: Introduction to aerating theory and understanding the steaming process.

    - Maximum Temperature: Explanation of the ideal steaming temperature range and its effects on milk flavour.

    Practical Training:
    - Safe Steaming Procedure: Demonstration of purging before and after steaming, and proper wiping techniques.

    - Steaming Technique: Instruction on texturizing, stretching, and polishing milk for optimal foam.

    - Pouring Technique: Guidance on pouring distance, pitcher and cup angles, and creating contrast and symmetry in latte art.

  • Additional Details

    All courses are held in person at:
    London Dock, 4B Gauging Sq, London E1W 2AA


    Courses need a minimum of 2 attendees to run.

    If the course has yet to reach maximum capacity, Urban Baristas reserve the right to change the booking date.

    With any unforeseen circumstances, Urban Baristas reserve the right to change the booking date or time. We will give you a minimum of 1 week's notice if the course needs to be rearranged.

    If you need to reschedule or cannot make your original booking date, we require 1 week's notice otherwise your booking fee may not be honoured.


Welcome to the Urban Baristas Espresso Brewing and Latte Art Masterclass!

The Latte Art Masterclass begins with a concise yet thorough theoretical session, delving into the intricacies of milk steaming. Students learn about the steaming process, understanding how air molecules are integrated into the milk to create that velvety microfoam essential for latte art. Emphasis is placed on the critical temperature range for steaming milk, ensuring sweetness without sacrificing flavour integrity.
Practical training takes centre stage, with a step-by-step demonstration of safe steaming procedures, from purging to steaming and wiping. Participants master the art of steaming, honing their texturizing, stretching, and polishing techniques to perfection. The class culminates in a hands-on pouring session, where students learn the nuances of pouring technique, symmetry, and contrast, resulting in beautifully crafted latte art masterpieces.

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