Coffee, a lifeline in a warm steaming cup, is a beloved beverage that can kick start our day on a high note or give you the boost required to pull out an all-nighter. Despite being a fan favourite, coffee lovers worldwide often face a single unified dilemma in ground coffee vs instant coffee, which coffee is the better choice.

Ground coffee has its own set of defenders, with traditional coffee-connoisseurs attempting to ban the devil’s brew - instant coffee. On the other hand, Instant coffee has been steadily gaining popularity and is now well defended by a community that loves its portability, affordability, and availability. 


The Difference

The fundamental difference between ground coffee and instant coffee is in the name itself. You’ll have to brew ground coffee using special equipment, whereas instant coffee is much quicker and does not require any equipment.



A significant difference between instant coffee and ground coffee lies in what they are made of. In its pure essence, yes, both are coffee. Ground coffee is a bunch of coffee beans that have been ground to a specific size. On the other hand, Instant coffee is ground coffee, which has already been brewed into drinkable coffee. 
Ground coffee is the clear and undeniable winner in the race for flavour. From the wafting aroma to the depth in taste, the difference in quality between the two is clear as day. 



Instant coffee is the personification of simplicity in the world of coffee. All you need to do to master the instant coffee is follow two simple steps - measure the granules, add hot water or milk, and you’re done! The whole process takes but a few seconds.
On the other hand, ground coffee isn’t as simple to work with. Whether you start with whole beans that must be ground or have ready-ground coffee, preparation will take a few minutes at the very least.
Choosing between instant coffee and ground coffee all comes down to personal preference. You might be a flavour connoisseur who loves ground coffee or might just tilt towards the ease and comfort of a trusted sachet of instant coffee. 
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