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Urban Espresso

Chocolate | Honey | Vanilla & Dulce de Leche

Urban Espresso







Flavour Notes

Chocolate / Honey / Vanilla & Dulce de Leche

About the Coffee

Urban Espresso is a blend from smallholders from Cerrado Mineiro. The region takes its name after a railway system that was built in 1872 to transport the high volumes of coffee being grown there. The state of Minas Gerais is the same size as France and is the biggest coffee-producing state in all of Brazil which is also the largest coffee-producing country in the world.
The Urban espresso is filled with a subtle lime acidity balanced with tastes of milk chocolate and a nutty body, creating a clean taste that will leave you with a smooth mouthfeel.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
gee bee
Love this coffee

I love this coffee, very smooth and chocolatey - I look forward to making this every morning!

Glad you are enjoying your coffee!

All the best,

Team UB

Ken Lawson
Great coffee & service

Easy to order,
Quick delivery, &
Good tasting coffee!

Thank you Ken for your lovely review!

Team UB

Fahad Nari
Really nice coffee, makes amazing flatwhite

Coffee bean are really nice and makes good flatwhite. I should have ordered more bags during BF sales. Price of £9 is bit high for me to setup subscription.

Hi Fahad,

Thanks for your lovely review, We hope to see your name come through soon again on our order list.

Many thanks,

Team UB

Marek Koutecky
Best beans

It’s great coffee, expensive but worth every penny, use with espresso machine and so much better like big Italian brand…

Joe Carpio
Great coffee

Tried urban espresso and it was very good. In a flat white. Delicious and full of flavour

Great to hear! Thank you for the lovely review!
Team Urban