Byron Bay Filter

Byron Bay Filter


Taste Profile - White Grape | Vanilla | Icing Sugar
Origin – Colombia
Region – Tolima
Altitude – 1550 | 1800 MaSL
Varieties – Caturra | Colombia | Castillo
Process – Washed
Bag Size - 250g / 1 kg

Hailing from Planadas, Tolima, this coffee has been grown by a collective of 20 smallholders who all adhere to strict criteria of farming, including maintaining native trees as a measure of biodiversity, and not using synthetic pesticides.

Carefully curated and harmoniously balanced, the Byron Bay Filter has a rich flavour profile featuring notes of white grape and vanilla with a creamy body and a soft citrus acidity, resulting in a cup that's full of character and body. 

The Byron Bay filter is produced by the Passiflora smallholders in Colombia, who work with Cedro Alto. Cedro Alto helps farmers with processing and market access and aims to promote economic sustainability to improve environmental and social conditions. It adheres to strict environmental criteria such as responsible use of water, use of native hardwood for shade growing, and prohibiting the use of pesticides.